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30 April 2016
Clifton Ladies' 1s1-0Buckingham Ladies 1s
13 March 2016
Clifton Ladies' 1s3-1Holcombe Ladies 1's
Brooklands Poynton Ladies' 1s1-5Buckingham Ladies 1s
14 February 2016
Barnes Ladies' 1s1-2Brooklands Poynton Ladies' 1s
Clifton Ladies' 1s3-2University of Birmingham Women's 1st
Holcombe Ladies 1's1-0Bowdon Hightown Ladies 1s
Buckingham Ladies 1s3-2Ben Rhydding Ladies 1s
08 November 2015
Barnes Ladies' 1s1-0Chelmsford Ladies 1s
Staines Ladies' 1s0-7Holcombe Ladies 1's
University of Birmingham Women's 1st3-0Beeston Ladies' 1s
East Grinstead Ladies 1's1-3Clifton Ladies' 1s
Boots Ladies I0-8Bowdon Hightown Ladies 1s
Ben Rhydding Ladies 1s4-2Loughborough Students Ladies 1s
Buckingham Ladies 1s3-1Hampstead and Westminster Ladies' 1s
Brooklands Poynton Ladies' 1s1-0Stourport Ladies 1st XI
25 October 2015
Doncaster Ladies' 1s2-2Stourport Ladies 1st XI
Stourport won 4-1 on pens
Liverpool Sefton Ladies' 1s0-2Bowdon Hightown Ladies 1s
Maidenhead Ladies 1s0-3Clifton Ladies' 1s
Boots Ladies I3-1Timperley Ladies 1s
Sevenoaks Ladies' 1s4-4Chelmsford Ladies 1s
Chelmsford won 2-1 on pens
Ben Rhydding Ladies 1s13-0Didsbury Northern Ladies 1s
Sutton Coldfield Ladies 1s4-5Beeston Ladies' 1s
Staines Ladies' 1s3-0Old Loughtonians Ladies' 1s
Loughborough Students Ladies 1s2-2Leamington Ladies 1st XI
Loughborough win 2-0 on pen strokes
Gloucester City Ladies 1st XI0-1East Grinstead Ladies 1's
University of Birmingham Women's 1st(+)Wakefield Ladies 1s
Lindum Ladies 1st0-3Hampstead and Westminster Ladies' 1s
Barnes Ladies' 1s1-0Surbiton Ladies' 1s
Buckingham Ladies 1s3-1Reading Ladies' 1s
Brooklands Poynton Ladies' 1s3-0Cannock Ladies 1s
Holcombe Ladies 1's5-0Havant Ladies' 1s
Havant conceded
20 September 2015
Sheffield Hallam Ladies 1s1-4Doncaster Ladies' 1s
Team Bath Buccaneers Ladies 1st0-4Gloucester City Ladies 1st XI
Staines Ladies' 1s1-1Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 1s
Staines win 4-3 on pens
Oxford Hawks Ladies 1s2-4Sevenoaks Ladies' 1s
Stourport Ladies 1st XI2-0Matlock Baileans Ladies 1s