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Green Army Camp 2020

Green Army Camps are back in 2020 with their first ever January Camp and their first ever Performance camp for 13-16 year olds in Jan and Feb. In addition to their usual Camp for 6-12 year olds. Performance Camp players will gain experience of video anal

Wakefield 1s VS Beeston

Wakefield Ladies 1s started their home match vs Beeston 2’s in slow motion, carrying a fair share of misplaced passes and scrappy tackles.  This quickly resulted in a confident Beeston side taking the lead on 7 minutes from a well-worked short corner r

Get Ready for Games Night!

On November 16th we are hosting Games night! This isn’t just your regular games night though, we have classic board games as well as retro video games as well. Fan of Magic the Gathering? Bring your cards. Want to beat your mate at Mario Kart? Go fo