Minutes of the Club AGM 2018

Minutes of Wakefield Hockey Club AGM 14/05/2018


Brian Aldred (Chair), Peter Leighton (Treasurer), David Willoughby (minutes), Andy House, Helen House, Helen Royan, Angie Clay, Bev Barstow, Matt Wharton, James Rowson, Paul Houghton, Sue Gibson, Norman Hughes, Peter Clay, Jill Hill, Chris Binns, Greg Moorhouse, Fred Scriven, Chris Randall, Lindsey Harrison, Emma Williams, Angela Cole.

1) Apologies – Tom Heyes, Andrew Gibson, Martyn Scott, Helen Evans, Steve Butterfield, Ali Willoughby, Asif Khan.

2) Minutes of the previous years meeting on the 8th of May 2017 were accepted

Proposed Sue Gibson, Seconded Helen House and agreed by the meeting. There were no matters arising.

3) Chairman’s report:

Brian Aldred gave his report as follows:

It has been a tough year with the weather interrupting pitch time, performances have been mixed, there have been good young squads which will improve and coaching has developed throughout the sections.

Thanks go to Helen and Andrew House, Jimbo and Sue, socials have been good and 400 attendees at junior presentation shows the junior section strength.

International events and an extra mens section team mean that more hockey than ever before has been at Wakefield, credit is due to the sections, volunteers, management committee and to Peter Leighton and David Willoughby for their ‘engine room’ work.

We need to continue and maintain this going forward, we need to constantly spread the word and encourage more people to take on roles.

Thanks to Peter Clay for his work at selection, to Angela Cole and Sue Gibson for organising umpires, Andrew House for the presentation night. A special mention for Bev Barstow who has been nominated for a volunteer award by England Hockey.

I have served as Chair for the last 6 years and it is now the time to look for a successor.

4) Treasurers Report:

Peter Leighton presented a spreadsheet showing a summary of the accounts.

This showed a surplus of £3876.69 for the season.

Peter ran through the accounts and explained each section’s income and expenditure.

The accounts for 2017/18 were agreed for adoption. Proposed Helen Royan, seconded Paul Houghton and agreed by a show of hands.

5) Election of Officers for 2018/19 ( all to be members of the Management Committee by virtue of their office):

  1. a) Club President – Helen Royan – Proposed Emma Williams, Seconded Helen House.
  2. b) Chairperson – there were no nominees. Brian agreed to stay in post until the Management Committee could consider and hopefully appoint a replacement. Agreed by a show of hands to remit the appointment to the Management Committee.
  3. c) Treasurer – Peter Leighton – Proposed Norman Hughes, Seconded Sue Gibson.
  4. d) Secretary – David Willoughby – Proposed Angela Cole, Seconded Peter Leighton.
  5. e) Director of Coaching – Norman Hughes – Proposed Helen Royan, Seconded James Rowson.
  6. f) Grounds Commitee Rep – Peter Clay – Proposed Chris Binns, Seconded Greg Moorhouse.
  7. g) Press & Publicity Officer – TBC Chris Lorriman (Cheggers) was suggested. TBC at Management.
  8. h) Social Rep – Andy House and Helen House – Proposed Norman Hughes, Seconded Angie Clay.
  9. I) PP, Vps and Life Members Rep – Angie Clay.
  10. J) Club Welfare Officer – Ali Willoughby – Proposed Helen House, Seconded Norman Hughes.

For all of the above posts there was only one nominee. They were elected by a show of hands in each case.

6) Endorsement of honours for services to the club.

Honourary Life Members – None

Vice-Presidents – Emma Williams and Paul Houghton

7) Names of Section Officers, appointed at the individual Section AGMs, who will serve on the management committee for 2018/19 were noted:

  Mens Ladies Juniors Flyerz
Chair James Rowson Sue Gibson Brian Aldred Tom Heyes
Treasurer Matt Wharton Lindsey Harrison Jill Hill Claire Way
Secretary Steve Butterfield Emma Williams Martyn Scott tbc


8) A.O.B

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 10.15