Wakefield O35’s VS Leeds Adel

Wakefield O35’s VS Leeds Adel

If there was ever a match to prove you should never give up in a game, this is the one!

Wakefield had the upper hand for most of the 1st half with several chances on goal, 2 going wide off the post, their keeper making some great saves   Leeds Adel broke and crossed to the top of the D to score the 1st goal.

Shortly after followed by a 2nd similar break and cross taking it 2-0 at half time. 

Wakefield came back stronger in the 2nd half with a lovely cross from Hannah Norman to Emma Williams at the top of the D who finished it nicely and scored Wakefield’s 1st goal. Adel scored again to take it to 3-1.

Wakefield kept the pressure on and forced a short corner with Emma taking the straight strike at the top and firing it straight past the keeper .

They continued to press high and got another short corner, the final whistle blew so wakefield  pushed up as their last chance to score.

They stuck to the plan and Emma took the 1st strike nailing it in the corner, scoring her hatrick and levelling the score to 3-3. The game was decided with penalty flicks with more drama as wakefield started with 2 missed but

Karen Wells kept them in it with 3 saves in a row taking to sudden death.

Emma stepped up again and scored with Karen saving theirs finishing the game with a win for wakefield on flicks. Great effort all round and a great game to watch!


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