COVID-19 Information

The Covid Officer is Paul Houghton – if you have any questions or concerns please contact him on or 07561 102104

CAPTAINS AND COACHES: Please look here for specific COVID-19 information that may inform your enquiry more specifically. This can be found here.

We are extremely happy to be operating at Step 5 of the England Hockey return to Hockey Pathway. It’s been a long journey and everyone is ready to jump back into competitive hockey …. But just before you arrive,things are different now,
changes have to be made to ensure the safety of players, officials and visitors to Wakefield Sports Club and Wakefield Hockey Club.

You may bring a limited number of spectators – there are areas next to each pitch but please note that once there are 30 people in each area then extras must either wait in their vehicles or make use of the Sports Club bar following the Covid rules for that area.

  1. For games there is no limit to the number of people allowed within the pitch:
  2. They must be involved in the team (ie subs, managers, coaches… – not spectators)
  3. People on the side line must remain 2m socially distanced (or 1m if wearing masks)
  4. Please arrive no more than 30 minutes before your game / session start time. Time will be allowed once on the pitch for warm up
  5. On arrival at the Sports Club please park in a marked bay only
  6. It is not advised to use changing areas – players and officials should come ready changed wherever possible
  7. Toilets are available in the main club house – please follow the rules as you enter
  8. At 10 minutes to your pitch start time please proceed to the relevant entrance

How it will work:

Pitch Access

  • At the entrance you will need to scan the QR code and give your name and telephone number for track and trace.
  • Once everyone from the previous session has left the pitch you may then enter
  • On entering the pitch all players must use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Access to the Green pitch for players, coaches and officials will be via the right hand side gate (nearest the road)
  • Access to the Blue Pitch will be via the main gate near the cabins (Right hand side)
  • Spectators are not permitted to enter the pitch area
  • Teams will set up either side of the half way line – players must remain socially distanced and not try and all fit into the dug-out areas

How it will work: Pitch Exit

  • At the end of a session/game players, officials and coaches should leave the
  • pitches quickly to allow the following group to get on. Maintaining a 2m gap at
  • all times.
  • Allplayers must use the hand sanitizer at the final exit to the pitch
  • Once outside the final exit point rules revert to standard social distancing

How it will work: Hospitality / Socialising

Current rules mean that providing food for teams in the usual manner is not

People are more than welcome to go to the bar after the match, following the
rules of no more than 6 people in a group and maintaining social distancing.

If anyone reports symptoms within 14 days of the match you must contact the WHC COVID Officer immediately.