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Kidney donor appeal for Lucas

Kidney donor appeal for Lucas

Simon Ransley15 Nov 2023 - 21:56
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Can you help?

Lucas Burrows, now 13, joined Wakefield Hockey Club way back in 2016 and impressed everyone with his 100% commitment and high-energy running (despite never seeming to tie his shoe laces). We were all desperately sad to hear last season that Lucas had become seriously ill with dense deposits disease, a rare and aggressive condition affecting the kidneys.

Lucas spent January to March this year in hospital, then developed another rare condition, PRES, which causes fluid on the brain. The odds of having both conditions together is around 1 in 60 million! Two brain surgeries later and a three week stay in intensive care followed and remarkably he made a full recovery from the PRES which astounded the medics and eventually he returned home to continue the fight with his chronic kidney disease.

Lucas needs a living kidney donor – blood group type O

Now Lucas is at the stage where he will need dialysis to help do the job his kidneys can no longer do. This is despite all his family’s best efforts with his diet, drug trials and homeopathic remedies which involved Lucas injecting himself with needles twice a week.

So, his family are now looking for potential living kidney donors with blood type O to give him a chance to get back to some level of normality.

Lucas’s Dad, Dan Burrows says, “We understand that many people won’t have ever thought about this but if you think this could be something you would consider to help a 13 year old boy we would be forever grateful.”

If you can help in any way, please contact Dan by his email or via the NHS email

We’d also be very grateful if you could share this story via your personal social media accounts.

Thanks from the club and the Burrows family x.

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