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The Wakefield Way -  Club Values

The Wakefield Way - Club Values

Matt Anderson17 Jan - 18:07
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Have you seen the new additions around the blue pitch?

The Wakefield Way may be something you have heard of over the recent past, but perhaps not something which is greatly understood. The Wakefield Way, put simply, is the guiding set of principles for all members of the hockey club. They embody what being a Wakefield Hockey Club member is all about, no matter what your role in the club is. They feed into the club’s mission statement and its vision.

At the start of the season, club members were asked to choose the 4 core values which reflected what it is to be a Wakefield Hockey Club member. The Wakefield Way has been updated to now include our core values, as chosen by our members. You will have seen these values around the blue pitch to remind ourselves and our guests who we are and what we stand for at all times.

The Management Committee is proud of how many members engaged in this process with over 100 members having their say. This highlights the importance of having shared values across the club which unite us and enable everyone to be on the same page, moving in the same direction.

The Wakefield Way is outlined below:

Our mission is to serve the members of our community and provide the opportunity for anyone to play and enjoy hockey, whilst making constant progress.

To be the largest club in the North of England and a hub of hockey. To be known as the place to be to play exciting and progressive hockey. To be a leading club in player, coach and umpire development.

We aim to provide the best hockey experience you can find by unapologetically living and breathing our club values.

We are a home for people and exemplify the highest standards of RESPECT and INTEGRITY.

We demonstrate INCLUSIVITY and we are a place where everyone feels valued, welcomed and loved.

TEAMWORK is exhibited throughout all aspects of our club every day.

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